Our Services

One Soul offers Obedience and Behavior Modification Training. Our programs are totally personalized, with individual training plans built around you and your pet! One-on-one private sessions help you get the most from each session, and see results sooner. Program pricing is affordable, with flexible payment options to fit your needs.

Obedience Training Programs

All dogs benefit from Obedience Training, and having some basic training can even help prevent or solve many behavior problems!

Puppy Power Package

Our Puppy Power Package includes 4 sessions, and is designed for dogs 12 months and younger, to teach them the basics of Obedience and troubleshoot common puppy problem behaviors

Obedience Training Package

Our Obedience Training package includes 4 sessions and covers both Basic and Advanced Obedience levels, with a training plan completely personalized to you and your dog's needs! Does your dog already know some cues like sit and lay down, but you want to teach them to hold those cues longer, or teach your dog to stay and roll over? No problem! We won't focus on sit if your dog already knows it, we'll teach them all new things, building on what they already know.

Behavior Modification Program

Sometimes our dogs engage in behaviors we don't like, or that can be dangerous for them and/or other people or pets around them. In our Behavior Modification program, we will help you identify and address the cause behind the behavior, provide your dog with an acceptable, alternative behavior, as well as set up clear boundaries and expectations your dog understands

Behavior Modification

Our Behavior Modification program includes 4 sessions and addresses many problem behaviors that are disruptive or troublesome, but most are quick and easy to fix with the correct approach and training

How We Train-
In Home, Guidance-Based Training

In Home, Guidance-based Training is the best type of training. With this type of training program, sessions will include your trainer, your pet, and YOU. It is the most hands on type of training, and follows One Soul's Training Philosophy. It allows you to be involved in every aspect of your pet's training, and builds the strong, positive bond that is the foundation of all our training programs. Without a solid relationship, you may find that your dog does not respond as immediately or correctly as would be preferred, or may even be required in situations that could be dangerous otherwise. It does involve a time commitment on your part, and your focus during sessions due to the hands on nature of the training, but it is truly the best option for optimal learning and training purposes. We have seen a huge impact on the ability of pets to learn faster and have a stronger foundation of all behaviors with this type of training, and we help teach you the skills you need to build a relationship with your pet, and further training or solve problems after our programs with less help.