About Us

Learn more about our philosophy, methods, and trainer!

Meet the Trainer!

Caitlin Leimbach is the Owner & Trainer for One Soul Pet Training. She has been working with dogs and horses for over 20 years, and received her Certification as a Dog Trainer in 2014, specializing in Behavioral Issues and training shelter dogs. She has 5 pets of her own: a Certified Service dog she trained herself, a cat and her 2 kittens, and her horse, all trained using force free methods(yes, even her cats are trained!) Caitlin has a strong passion for rescuing and helping animals, as well as bridging the communication gap between owners and their pets to open new doors for life with animals.

Our Philosophy

We believe that there are two main components to training and problem solving with our pets that are critical to success. Communication and Relationship. We know that humans and animals communicate in two different ways, and that without a relationship of understanding and trust, our pets can have trouble relying on us to make the right decisions, and we have trouble understanding what our pets are trying to say to us, the reasons why they may act the way they do, or how to change those behaviors. We take pride in our ability to help bridge the gap between people and pets. Maintaining these core values is the foundation for all of our training programs, and we are very excited to tell you more about what we do!

Our Methods

At One Soul, we train using 100% force free methods and believe that having a strong, positive relationship between owner and pet should be the foundation for all training and behavior problem solving. We will never use physical correction methods, including the use of correction collars such as e-collars(shock collars), choke chains, or prong collars. Studies have shown that not only are these methods unnecessary and painful to pets, but that they also can cause aggression from resentment or pain later. Positive, force free methods with lots of praise, redirection of behaviors, and minimal correction not only creates a stronger relationship between owner and pets, but also increases the ability to learn faster, and have stronger foundations in training and behavior modification. Why train any other way?